Welcome to Lambeth Physical Therapy

We provide individualized and compassionate care to optimize healing. Our comprehensive approach begins with developing your individualized treatment plan and extends to working collaboratively with your healthcare team. 
You will be encouraged to be an active participant in your recovery and to take ownership of your care and commit to the treatment process. You will be educated extensively on how you can speed healing and optimize the process. After a thorough interview and examination, the therapist will develop a specific treatment plan by incorporating your personal goals for therapy. The team of you and your therapist will maximize your benefits from physical therapy. 
Why Choose Lambeth Physical Therapy?
100% Continuity of Care 
 You will work with one physical therapist from your initial assessment until your goals are met and you are successfully discharged. 
One-on-one Care
You will have the full attention of your therapist from your initial evaluation throughout all of your therapy sessions. 
Personalized Treatment Programs 
Completely customized and individualized treatment programs that address your personal goals. 
For your convenience, our clinic is open from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.